Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TTM - Kent Anderson

Just got another autograph back in the mail. This time its Kent Anderson. No matter how many searches I do for this guy I cannot find any information on his career other than this. Kent made his major league debut with the California Angels on 4/15/89 and played his final game on 9/6/90 also with the Angels. Thats it. If anyone has any information about this guy feel free to comment becuz I certainly couldn't find any but its another autograph to add to the collection.


Anonymous said...

I can't find a lot on Kent Anderson either, but a quick check of his Baseball Cube page reveals that he is the younger brother of Mike Anderson, an outfielder for the Phillies and Cardinals in the 70s.

MDA said...

Mike Anderson played in 135 games over those two seasons, earning a total of $173,000. That works out to about $1,281.48 per game.

I'd take it, but it isn't anywhere close to what some superstars are making today.

Info on Mr. Anderson (no relation to Sparky, as far as I know, or the other 40 Andersons that played in the majors) can be found at's Kent Anderson page.

MDA said...

Doh! Comment should have started out with Kent, not Mike. Sorry.