Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goudey Trifecta

To be honest when I first saw these cards I was not a big fan. I like the way the 08 Goudey's look but I do not like the Derek Jeter/Ken Griffey Jr says at the bottoms of the cards. However I recently picked up 2 blaster boxes for this set. After much deliberation I decided with My Buddy Steve over at The Easy Life collecting them we could help each other out with the set so what the heck. I will run through blaster #1 today, blaster #2 tomorrow and have a want list for the remaining cards up on Tuesday. I will score each pack as I see fit. I do this because I can. Mwahaha!!!

Pack 1

Johnny Bench
Phil Rizzuto
Clayton Kershaw (Rookie)
Manny Ramirez
Brad Hawpe
Phil Niekro
Alex Rios
Sport Royalty Emmitt Smith

Score: 4. Not much I really care for here but I will give it points for the old guys and the Emmitt Smith w/o the stupid Griffey/Jeter says

Pack 2

Jay Bruce (Rookie)
Russell Martin
Tony Perez
Scott Kazmir
Billy Butler
BJ Upton
Magglio Ordonez
Jeremy Guthrie
Yankee Stadium Legacy Babe Ruth

Score: 2. I give this pack points for the Babe. Other than that it loses points because of the Kazmir. Just reminds me of one of the stupidest trades in NY Mets History!!!

Pack 3

Tim Lincecum
Larry Doby
Brandon Webb
Jake Peavy (Mini)
Ralph Kiner
Andruw Jones
Sparky Anderson
Vladimir Guerrero Black & White SP

Score: 7. I like this pack. Pitcher heavy at the top with some great pitchers. Love the Peavy Mini. I love mini cards! We got Ralph Kiner, as a Mets fan need I say more? Sparky Anderson. I got a TTM autograph from him so that helps and I like these B&W SP's.

Pack 4

Hideki Matsui
Prince Fielder
Michael Young
Pedro Martinez Game Used Jersey
Craig Nettles
Jorge Posada
Ian Kinsler

Score: 10. I hate to say it but we already have a winner Ladies and Gents! For me to not give this pack a 10 would be crazy. Pedro game used......please wait while I change my shorts. Ok i'm back and while I was gone I decided this pack will be disqualified. Score: 0. I cannot in good conscience include this pack it just would not be fair. (Don't worry it knows in its mind it really won. And isn't that what matters?)

Ok, thats all for now. Will post the second half of this blaster later today. So far in the lead we have Pack 3

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