Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old Stuff

As I said previously I have a lot of older sets that I have that I'm trying to complete. I thought I'd start off with one of them. We'll start with 1989 Donruss since I'm fairly close to finishing this one. I don't know how many cheap boxes i've bought to get this $5 set completed but the fun of going through them is definitely worth it. Here's what I still need:

26, 96, 101, 232, 238, 245, 250, 408, 458, 590

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I have plenty for trade. Let me know what you need and I will be more than happy to help.


I received the 2 remaining 1990 Donruss I need so that set is now complete. A big thank you goes out to Jim over at Taste Like Dirt for finishing that one off for me.


Got a Christmas gift from Mark at Stats on the Back, 2 more cards towards the 89 Donruss set. Thanks again Mark. Lets Go Mets!!!


steveisjewish said...

I need # 55 and 104 for the Goudeys my man- so close!

night owl said...

Another handful of these on its way to you, including #348 of '90 Donruss