Monday, November 24, 2008

2008 Goudey Day 2 Part 1

Here we go again. Day 2 of my Goudey experience. The first blaster box was great. Lets see what box 2 has in store.

Pack 1

Larry Doby
Brandon Webb
Jorge Posada
Ian Kinsler
Hideki Matsui
Prince Fielder
Michael Young
Goudey Presidents James Buchanan

Score: 1. Well this box didn't start off to good. One point for Prince Fielder and minus a million for these stupid president cards. What is it about all these card sets doing President cards?

Pack 2

Joe Blanton
Roy Oswalt
Jonathan Papelbon
Magic Johnson Mini
Graig Nettles
Jeremy Hermida
Bobby Doerr
Yankee Stadium Legacy Urban Shocker

Score: 7. Gets points for top top heavy pitching and the Magic Johnson Mini. But the real reason this gets a 7 has got to be Urban Shocker. Wow thats a name. Who the hell names their kid Urban Shocker?!?!?

Pack 3

Ben Sheets
Aaron Harang
James Shields
Bob Gibson Mini
Trevor Hoffman
Brandon Phillips
Adrian Gonzalez
David Wright B&W SP

Score: 7. The David Wright card is really sweet and I like the Bob Gibson mini, more good pitching but still cant go higher

Pack 4

Derek Jeter
Hanley Ramirez
Andruw Jones Game used bat
Ken Griffey Jr
Randy Johnson
Hank Blaylock
Don Larsen

Score: 8. This pack has a potential 300 game winner in Randy Johnson, potential hall of famer Derek Jeter, Don Larsen and a man who if it wasn't for injuries we could be talking about having the homerun record in Ken Griffey Jr. Heck the only reason its not higher is because Andruw Jones forgot how to play baseball.

So right now we have a tie. Pack 8 from blaster 1 and pack 4 from blaster 2. 4 more packs to go. Which pack will prevail? Tune in tonight to find out.

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