Monday, November 24, 2008

2008 Goudy Day 2 Part 2 - The Finals

And we're down to the final 4. We have a tie going right now so lets see whats gonna happen with these final 4 packs

Pack 5

Austin Kearns
Carl Crawford
Jack Morris
Nick Markakis
Felix Hernandez
Justin Morneau
Brad Hawpe
Janet Evans Sport Royalty

Score: 0. Theres the first 0. I would give the pack a point or 2 for Morneau but who gives a damn about Janet Evans. Lame

Pack 6

Bill Mazeroski
Chad Billingsley
Johnny Bench
Goudy Presidents John Adams Mini
Phil Niekro
Alex Rios
Billy Butler
Yankee Stadium Legacy George Pipgras

Score: 0. Wow two 0's in a row. A president and a stupid yankee stadium card in one pack? Its lucky its not in the negatives. Double Lame!

Pack 7

Phil Rizzuto
Clayton Kershaw (Rookie)
Manny Ramirez
Jay Bruce (Rookie)
BJ Upton
Magglio Ordonez
Nolan Ryan
Misty May Treanor Sport Royalty

Score: 0. To quote PTI "TRIPLE SQUADUSH" Now don't get me wrong there's some quality cards here but Misty May??? Come on. Plus I just wanted to mis-spell Squadush!

Pack 8

Russell Martin
Tony Perez
Scott Kazmir
Tim Lincecum
Jeremy Guthrie
Ralph Kiner
Andruw Jones
Sparky anderson

Score: 3. There are some good cards here but they're almost all doubles so no love second time around.

Ok this brings us to a tie with blaster 1 pack 8 and blaster 2 pack 4. Blaster one was by far the better box and therefore it takes the win. Regardless of that stupid Rollins card! Damn you Jimmy Rollins........DAMN YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!

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steveisjewish said...

mistey may is totally hot.. at least from the back