Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2008 Topps Updates and Highlights

Picked up a blaster the other day. For the most part it was fairly disappointing. I did however get two cards that made me really happy. We'll start first with a Tim Lincecum All Star Gold.

This was in one of the first packs open so I was thinking this was gonna be a great blaster but aside from that the only other great card, at lease in my mind, was the Ray Knight Ring of Honor. I like the look of these cards and the fact that its Ray Knight just makes it that much better. Ray was a major part of one of my first baseball memories, the 86 World Series. Here is the card and a scene from the good ol days of the NY Mets

Also while searching for this great scene above I came across this great video. Any Met fan no check that any baseball fan should get a kick out of this.


Anonymous said...

That Lincecum photo is terrible. I realize that Topps didn't have many photos to pick, since Lincecum wasn't even at the park for the actual game... but maybe discretion called for leaving him out of the set since he missed the game.

StevesbuddyJoe said...

I thought the same thing but can't turn down a Lincecum gold. I'll take it.