Saturday, January 3, 2009

Trade with Cheap Seats

A Very big thank you goes out to Krill over at Saints of the Cheap Seats. I got a HUGE package in the mail last week with at lease 200 cards for at least 7 or 8 different sets. You can believe I will certainly be monitoring this site like a hawk to help with anything you need Krill. I've updated all my lists and here are just a few of the many cards I got.

First we have a group of 89 Donruss. I have chosen these four due to there either past of future (at the time) with the New York Mets.

We'll start first with Jesse Orosco. Orosco holds the record for career pitching appearances. He also has pitched in the majors over 4 decades, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's. He retired at the age of 46 but the thing I will always remember about Jesse is the glove that never came down. He recorded the last out of the 1986 World Series with a strike out and after that out he tossed his glove in the air and dropped to his knees. You never see that glove hit the ground.

Next we have Hubie Brooks. Hubie is actually a two time Met. He made his Major League debut with the Mets in 1980 and played in New York until 1984. He returned to the Mets again in 1991. While his best years were certainly not as a New York Met he was part of the trade that brought "The Kid" Gary Carter to the Mets in 1985 so I will not complain about having him.

One Dog!!!! Lance Johnson came to the Mets in 1996 and had the best season of his career with us. He had 227 hits, 21 triples and a batting average of .333. He is one of only a handful of players to hit 20 triples in a season since the Major Leagues integrated in 1947. The others are Willie Mays (1957), George Brett (1979), Willie Wilson (1985), Cristian Guzman (2000) and Curtis Granderson (2007). Pretty good company.

Finally we have Andres Galarraga. He never really did anything special for us. As a matter of fact he spent most of his time with us in AAA. But he had a great career and it was nice to include him on the roster even if it was at the tail end.

I also got a good chunk of 08 Topps Updates and Highlights. I chose Joe Blanton here because for a very long time the trade rumors said the Mets were going to pick up this fat ass. Now I certainly cant complain about what he has done over his career and unfortunately him and those Freakin' Phil's, as I will call him for this blog (trying to keep it PG-13 here), did win a ring last year but this guy will just keep growing until he looks like King Kong Bundy trying to pitch.

And finally we have Mack and Me. Mackey and Mookie. I will call them the Odd Couple. I smell a sitcom!!!! Come on tell me you can't see them replacing Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. Hell I'd pay to see it and it would be much more interesting then half the crap on tv today.

Again I have to send many many thanks to Krill for everything. I'll keep my eyes peeled for anything you need.

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Danny said...

My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed them. I'll keep an eye on your wantlists, too. I might have more!