Monday, January 5, 2009

Horrorfest 2009 - Monday

Today is the first day of my vacation. It is also the first day of Horrorfest 2009. I have a bunch of people coming to my place over the next week with the sole purpose of watching horror movies. I gave everyone a list and asked them to choose the movies they wanted to see. Unfortunately no one voted for the oldies but goodies. So there is no Wolfman, no Creature from the Black Lagoon, no Nosferatu. But I did work a couple in anyway. I figured I would throw up a breakdown of the daily schedule so you can see what we're watching. I will also include a trailer to one of the movies everyday. Here we go:

Monday 1-5-09

10:00 AM - Halloween
11:35 AM - 13 Ghosts
1:10 PM - The Blob
2:45 PM - Wrestlemaniac
4:00 PM - Idle Hands
5:30 PM - Slither
7:05 PM - Freddy vs. Jason
8:45 PM - Susperia
10:25 PM - Saw

As you can see I am including not just horror but horror comedies as well. We need something to break up the tension. Overall, Monday is not one of the better days for the festival but there are some really good movies on the list. However I also included the absolutely horrible, Wrestlemaniac. You can view the trailer below

The movie follows a group of people traveling through Mexico who plan on filming a porno. Yes thats right they just decided hey why not, lets go to Mexico and film a porno. You can already tell this is gonna be bad. Anyway they come across and old abandoned town and decide thats where they will film it. When suddenly the cameraman realizes they are in El Sangre de Dios. This is where they left El Mascarado, a Mexican wrestler who went insane and gouged his opponents eyes out during a match and killed numerous others. And of course one by one they disappear only to be found with their faces ripped off because in Mexican wrestling that is "the ultimate humiliation". For the record in Lucha Libre many wrestlers do wear masks and removing them is a no-no. Most wrestlers will actually go about their normal daily lives with them on to keep there identities hidden.

Now there are three things in my life that I love besides the normal obvious stuff. That is baseball, wrestling and horror movies. So I thought what the hell i'll get it. But anytime I watch it I just laugh at how amazingly bad it is. Sometimes though its how bad a horror movie is that makes it great.

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dayf said...

Suspiria? Oh my Lord, that movie is INSANE. Saw might be a let down from that.