Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Horrorfest 2009 - Wednesday

Welcome back. Lots of blood and guts down but we're only half way through now. By the end of this I may be officially insane, I'm not sure but we shall see. I should've got a scientist to watch me for the week. Nothing but beer, greasy food and horror. Would make for an interesting experiment. Anyway on to Day 3:

10:00AM - Return of the Living Dead
11:30AM - The Messengers
1:00 PM - Rosemary's Baby
3:20 PM - One Missed Call
4:50 PM - Amityville Horror (original)
6:50 PM - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
8:30 PM - Evil Dead 2
10:00PM - The Exorcist

Got some great classics here and some descent new stuff. But any time you have the Exorcist on the list you know you got a good list. More new Texas Chainsaw along with two movies obviously based on Japanese predecessors in One Missed call and the Messengers. However for todays trailer we have Rosemary's Baby. Not a horror in the traditional sense with gore and jump moments. More of a, Oh my god how could this possibly happen, horror movie. Enjoy

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Ben said...

The Exorcist is a good movie, but it's tag line about being the scariest movie ever is a joke.

I go out of my way looking for horror movies that will scare me and I've never been scared. The new trend in Hollywood horror to have things jump out at from the screen doesn't count. I like a movie that really leaves you with a sense of unease after watching it. Very very few do that to me.

The only recent horror movie that I've seen that I really loved was Silent Hill. I was skeptical about it because movies based on video games don't usually turn out too well, but it's the only movie I've ever gone back to the theater to see a second time.

The worst movie I've ever seen was the remake of The Hills Have Eyes.