Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Horrorfest 2009 - Tuesday

Back for day two of Horrorfest. Here's todays lineup:

10:00AM - House on Haunted Hill (original)
11:15AM - The Birds
1:15 PM - Pulse
2:45 PM - Last House on the Left
4:10 PM - See No Evil
5:35 PM - Blair Witch Project
7:00 PM - Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)
8:40 PM - Evil Dead
10:05PM - Psycho (original)

Got some really good movies today including a couple Alfred Hitchcock classics with the Birds and Psycho. The original Psycho not that piece of crap Vince Vaughn remake. Also including the original House on Haunted Hill. The remake to this classic wasn't too bad but I had to go with the original here. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be shown later in the week. Not sure how anyone else feels about it but I always loved the Blair Witch Project. Great concept and done exceptionally well. However todays trailer is for one of the best horror movies ever. At lease according to the cult following it has that just gets bigger and bigger every day.

Yes that is correct, The Evil Dead, written and directed by Sam Raimi. Director of such films as The Quick and the Dead, and the Spiderman movies got his start with Evil Dead. He also produced both Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.


Anonymous said...

I liked yesterday's lineup better, but this is still a good day. I went to Best Buy last week and picked up a bunch of horror movies with a gift card...got some Hitchcock, some Hammer, and a double feature of the original "My Bloody Valentine" (1981) and "April Fool's Day" (1986). I love gift cards.

Ben said...

I hope Carnival of Souls and Messiah of Evil make the cut... two of my all time favorites.