Thursday, January 8, 2009

Horrorfest 2009 - Thursday

Three days down, three more to go. So I guess technically, now we're half way through. I tell ya I'm getting a lot of ideas here. Don't worry I don't mean for real. I'm actually trying to write a script and this is all really helping. Here's day 4:

10:00AM - Silent Hill
12:05PM - Hostel
1:40 PM - Return of the Living Dead Part 2
3:10 PM - Army of Darkness
4:30 PM - 28 Days Later
6:25 PM - 28 Weeks Later
8:00 PM - Shaun of the Dead
9:40 PM - 1408

Would you believe that the movie that got the most votes was 1408? I didn't. Don't get me wrong, I love the movie but I can't believe that more people picked it than say The Exorcist. It was a big shock to me. My friend Scott will be joining me today and he loves the 28 saga so I had to put them together for him. We've been fairly serious so far so today I will leave you with the following trailer.

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Anonymous said...

You're writing a script? Cool. I'm working on writing a novel, which I will then turn into a screenplay. And by "working on writing" I mean "avoiding at all costs writing."