Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Comments on Horrorfest so far

Right now I'm watching One Missed Call and I thought I'd share some thoughts on the comments Horrorfest has been receiving.

We'll start with DayF. Susperia is one of my favorite movies ever. Dario Argento's use of color in the film was phenomenal. The story and acting aren't the greatest but the cinematography is just insane. I will admit watching Saw afterwards is slightly disappointing but I do like the original. The rest are good for filling space but the original had that little extra something. All the sequals just became another way to cash in. Not that they were bad but they certainly weren't all that good either.

Writers Journey, sounds like you got a heck of a collection going for yourself. I bought the very same My Bloody Valentine/April Fool's Day DVD a couple months back. I'm really hoping they show the remake in 3D where I live. Binghamton, NY likes to think they're a city but they never get anything good, when it comes to movies at least.

Ben, I agree with you as well. The Exorcist really isn't all that scary. It's just a great movie. I read the book recently and its almost identical word for word. Keep in mind though when that movie came out. At the time I'm sure people freaked. As for Silent Hill, that actually made the list for tomorrow. I'll have that list up in the morning. Also I hate to disappoint but I've never heard of either Carnival of Souls or Messiah of Evil. But I can assure I will be looking to buy them now. I'll take your word on 'em

Thanks go out to everyone for taking an interest. I know this is slightly off topic of collecting cards so its nice to see some people interested in horror as well. If anyone has any movie suggestions please let me know. I may love horror movies and I may have about 150 of them but that doesn't mean I know them all. Please feel free to let me know some of your favorites. I'm always looking to add to the collection.

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Ben said...

I won't give anything away about Carnival of Souls or Messiah of Evil, but they're must see films.

Carnival of Souls is from (I think) 1962, there's a 1998 film of the same name though. Creepy sound track. It's not a zombie slasher film, but more of psychological horror thing. It is a bit unsettling.

It looks like the film is available in full on Hulu.

Messiah of Evil (also known as Dead People) I found just by buying one of those three disc sets at Suncoast that has 12 or so movies. It's from 1974 and has an opening theme that you wouldn't associate with horror but just makes it all the more creepy.