Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trade with White Sox Cards

Got a package in the mail from White Sox cards the other day with a TON of stuff that i needed. Got some old stuff and a lot of new stuff. I gotta send a big thank you out to Steve for all these cards. I got a huge chunk of 2008 Topps Updates and Highlights. Over 70 cards so we'll start there:

I had to start with this card. Josh Hamilton is an inspiration. After everything he has gone through in his life to be able to return to baseball is nothing short of a miracle. His performance in the Home Run Derby this year was phenomonal. If I was Justin Morneau I can honestly say I would not have accepted the trophy. I would've handed it right to Josh Hamilton. He had more home runs in his first round than Morneau did for the entire Derby.

Next I received a good amount of 2008 Topps Heritage towards my set. I chose this one to show because of the significance of the play. An unassisted triple play is definitely not something you see everyday. Hell its not even something we see every year. Kudos to Troy for pulling it off. Plus he did it against the hated Atlanta Braves so he earns some brownie points for that one.

I also received some 2008 Goudey's towards my set. I of course had to choose Johan Santana out of this set. One of the best pitchers to ever put on a Mets uniform. He could've been a 20 game winner last year if it wasn't for our horrible bullpen. But with the additions of Putz and K-Rod, Mr. Santana should definitely see some more W's in the win column in 2009.

I also got some great old cards. Here we have a 1989 Fleer Roger Clemens. Got a few of these cards but I had to show the Clemens card due to everything that we have heard about him this past year. I have never been a big fan of Roger but when the steroid scandal started for some reason I believed him. I don't know why but I did. However the more time passes the more I realize that he, along with many of the heroes I had when I grew up watching this great sport, was on the juice. Sad but true.

Lastly we have a 1987 Kirby Puckett Allstar. When I was a kid I always liked Kirby Puckett. In 1991 the Mets were not off to a good start. Both my best friend Lenny and I were big Mets fans but we had enough of the constant losing. So we decided to choose other teams. Give us a break, I was 11 and he was 10, we were fickle. Anyway, the funny part is I chose the Twins and he chose the Braves. And wouldn't you know it the Twins beat the Braves in the World Series in 7 games that year. I always thought it was funny we just happened to pick those teams. However even after our great picks that year in 1992 we were back rooting for our hometown Mets.

Again I want to send a very big thank you out to Steve over at White Sox Cards for all the cards he sent me. I have updated all of my want lists so any help you can provide to finish these and the rest of my sets is always appreciated. Just so you know Steve, I have some more cards set aside for you already and they should be coming out to you shortly. Tune in tomorrow for my post on my trade with Night Owl.

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White Sox Cards said...

I'm happy that I could help with your lists so much. Honestly, that is what was holding the package up. Every time that I would be ready to pack it up, I'd check the blog and there would be another want list or two.