Friday, December 12, 2008

My first package

I have to send a big thank you out to Paul over at Paul's Random Stuff. I received my first package in the mail, a couple days ago, since I started this blog and it was about fifty 89 Fleer that I needed towards my set. I got a bunch of great cards in here. Just to mention a couple good ones.

First we have:
Good old Nails! Look at that stance. He looks like he's about to take one right out of the park. Dykstra was always one of my favorite Mets as a kid. It's a shame he wound up with those evil Philadelphia Phillies.

I had to throw this one on. First of all it was obviously poorly cut. But seriously, I didn't know Aguilera was a cone head. I mean look how high he's wearing his hat. That just looks weird. I think he has a jar of Vaseline under there.......for help with his pitches! Pervs!!!

Putting this one up for a couple reasons. 1. For Steve at Whitesox Cards, I'm sure he'll appreciate it. and 2. Don Pall was nice enough to sign 6 cards for me. Steve is now the proud owner of one of them.

Lastly we have Ricky Henderson. Seriously does he know how to smile. He looks like he's about to charge the camera guy and beat the crap out of him with the bat. This is a challenge to all. I cannot find a card where this guy smiles. I don't think there are any. Someone prove me wrong!

Again, big thanks to Paul. The cards will definitely help towards finishing the set. To everyone else, the want list is still up, check it out.


tastelikedirt said...

Well, your second package should be there any minute now. I sent it a few days ago.

White Sox Cards said...

Love the Donn Pall card! Your third package should be arriving any time now.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Joe. I'm happy I could help out.