Sunday, December 7, 2008

1989 Fleer

Going back to the 80's for this one. This is another set I started back when I was a kid and of course is not finished. Just like all my other sets. Anyway thought I'd through a list up for some help, here goes

90, 407, 468


Got a great stack of cards here from Paul over at Paul's Random Stuff. If you have not checked out his blog you should definitely do so. Great site. And a great stack here. Thanks a lot man. I'll do a more in depth post at a later time. I would go into further detail now but I use Steve over at The Easy Life for his scanner and he's probably busy with his wife right now. Just kidding buddy. Much love, Happy Birthday!!! For now I have updated my want list. Please help me finish this one off. Thanks all!


Just got 8 more cards towards this set from Steve over at White Sox Cards. Thanks again Steve. Gonna look for some more stuff for ya soon. See what else I got for ya. The list above has been updated.


2 More cards towards this set. Big thanks go out to Marks at Stats on the Back.


Anonymous said...

I can make a nice dent in this list for you. Email me at MorpheusDreamweaver40 (at) yahoo (dot) com

mmosley said...

I have a few off several of your lists:
86 Fleer 476, U-53
86 Topps 80
87 Topps 20, 460, 611
89 Donruss 94, 214, 243
89 Fleer 36, 247
90 Donruss 304, 348

Send me an address and I'll send them out.

night owl said...

A handful of these guys coming your way.